Vaping happens when a user draws on an e-cigarette and inhales water vapor which has flavoring and/or nicotine added. It feels quite a bit like “real smoking”, but doesn’t produce smoke and tar. In general, vaping feels cleaner than real smoking and it’s less offensive to others. This is why a lot of people are making the decision to invest in e-cigarettes!

While the safety of e-cigs is something which is hotly debated these days, those who believe in vaporizers feel that they are worth advocating for. Those who are against vaping will need more proof that they won’t cause long-term health risks before they finally embrace the potential of e-cigarettes.

Vaping technology is relatively new. In the future, we’ll likely know a lot more about how people who vape fare over the long term…

How to Start Vaping

If you’re curious about vaping and you want to start doing it yourself, you’ll need to buy a vaporizer and you’ll also need a charger for it. There are USB-style chargers which plug into computers and adapter-style chargers, which plug into electrical outlets.

In addition, you’ll need to buy some e-juice. This is a fluid which is added to the cartomizer (atomizer) of an e-cig. Most e-cigs have two parts. One is the battery, which powers the device. The other is the cartomizer, which is just as often called an atomizer.

Once you’ve prepared a vaporizer by charging it and adding e-juice in your preferred flavor, with your preferred level of nicotine, you’ll be ready to start vaping. Inhale gently at first and then exhale the water vapor. If you’ve purchased a high-quality e-cig, you should feel a pleasant “throat hit” sensation. You may choose e-juices with nicotine added. However, there are also e-juices which don’t contain nicotine.

We recommend starting with moderate usage. Then, track your results. Do you feel good while you vape and afterwards?

Advanced users often invest in vaporizers and mods with more features, power and capabilities. For example, a vaporizer which has the capacity to heat herbs or waxes may be purchased by an advanced user. If you want this kind of specialized performance, you’ll likely need to pay more for it. However, a good vaporizer which does heat waxes and herbs (some designs heat oils, too) will definitely be versatile and fun to use!

As you can see, when it comes to vaporizing, the possibilities are myriad, if not endless! As technology moves forward, vaping fans should be able to get even more convenience, pleasure and performance for their hard-earned money.

At present, great starter kits which include everything that newbies need in order to start vaping are out there in the marketplace and most are very reasonable in price. We think that newbies will do well to find highly-rated starter kits. They make it really easy to jump on board with the vaping trend!

Shop for a Vaporizer Today

Treat yourself to pleasure. The best vaporizers are easy to use and built to perform well over time. Now that you know more about e-cigs, why not shop for a vaporizer today?

— July 22, 2017

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