Cloud chasing is the process of making big and puffy clouds while using a vaporizer. If you want to try cloud chasing for yourself, you should know that investing in a high-quality e-cig and e-juice will help you to get good results. It’s not too difficult to make impressive water vapor clouds when you’ve got the right vaping equipment. However, it may be quite difficult to make epic clouds without good vaping equipment.

If you want to see cloud chasers in action, be sure to check YouTube. You’re bound to find some amazing videos which feature hobbyists performing cloud chasing just for fun. Also, there should be video footage of cloud chasing competitions.

How to Find the Right Vaping Gear

Vaping is more fun with the right gear. This means an e-cig or vape mod which is designed to produce exceptionally thick and rich water vapor. In general, we think that shopping based on manufacturer will be a smart strategy. One tip is to visit an online shop where vaporizers (e-cigs) are sold. Look around at options and note the brands that are sold. Then, do a bit of research.

See which brands have strong reputations in the vaping industry. Usually, they are brands which have been around for years. They will also get positive feedback from a lot of customers. When you choose an e-cig from this brand, you’ll be pretty safe and minimize the risk of a bad experience.

Another factor to consider is price point. The cheapest, most basic vaporizer from a trusted brand may not offer the cloud chasing potential that a mid-range or high-end e-cig from the same brand will! For this reason, we believe that it’s important to spend a bit more for a device which is renowned for its thick and rich water vapor. In general, we think that spending 150 bucks or something along those lines is best if you want the capacity to compete in cloud chasing competitions, or just impress your friends with your big clouds.

If you are interested in cloud chasing, but don’t want to do it yourself, you should be able to spend less and still be happy with your e-cig.

The next step is finding the right e-liquid…

How to Shop for E-liquid

E-liquid is available with different ratios of PG and VG. If you want the biggest clouds, consider a formula which contains 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG. VG tends to improve water vapor quality. PG is all about throat hit.

Now that you know more about cloud chasing, as well as how to find equipment for cloud chasing, you’ll be ready to try it for yourself. While everyone who vapes certainly doesn’t chase clouds, it’s safe to say that many people do. The right gear makes it all easier!

Now that you have the inside scoop on VG and PG, cloud chasing, e-cigs and more, why not treat yourself to a new vaporizer and e-juice today. You’ll love the superb options that you find online!

— July 22, 2017

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